Monday, October 11, 2010

Toughman: Morning of Race Day

Race Day - Sunday 9/12:
Morning and Transition set up:
We wake up at 4am, I slept about 5 hours but I felt good (I did get good sleep days leading up to race); I check my blood sugar and I'm 72 suuweeeet! Get ready quickly and eat my 2 hard boiled eggs and PBJ on whole wheat bread (brought it all from home). I bolused (gave myself insulin via pump) for the full amount of carbs I was eating since it would be more than 2 hours until I raced. Let's not forget I also brought my iced coffee from home too. I love my coffee. Love. It. We drive to Croton Point Park where the race is taking place and all is good, getting a little anxious but its ok. It's dark outside. Check the blood sugar and I'm 112. Good number. Soon as we get there I have to go to the bathroom, I was very happy about that. Then I'm off to set up my transition area. I still haven't figured out a way to set up where I'm a 100% comfortable so I look at everyone else's set up to see if I'm missing anything. I then proceed to switch everything around and then switch it around again to its original setting. What can I say we got there early! :) Check the blood sugar again at 5:30 and I'm 157, not concerned cuz I'm thinking the food is hitting its peak and all that jazz. I was starting to get antsy (despite having my ipod on calming music). Its now 5:55am BS (blood sugar) is 180, check again at 6:07am BS 208, I know I seem a little neurotic at this point checking so much but I wanted to see how I was gonna trend because the next time I'd be able to check would be at T1 after the swim. They were closing transition at 6:30 and I wouldn't be swimming until 7:15 and I wouldn't have my CGM (continuous glucose monitor) on me either since it's not waterproof. I WOULD have my insulin pump though because that baby IS waterproof! THANK YOU Animas for peace of mind.

Transition is closing and I get one more test in at 6:30am and my BS is 243, if you've noticed I've been steadily going up. I haven't eaten anything since 4:30am so I know its nerves and adrenaline spiking the blood sugar. It's decision time I wasn't sure if I should keep a temp basal on since I was so high or take some of the recommended 3 units of insulin to hopefully bring my BS down and hopefully avoid a low. I also wasn't sure if I should have a GU before the swim, again I thought it would raise my BS I wasn't even looking at it as "I'm an athlete and I need this fuel." I was thinking of it as "that GU is gonna raise my already high BS even more". I was with my friend Denise (also type 1) and I asked her what she would do; she reminded me to stick to the plan. Let me tell you, it is without a doubt THE BEST thing to have other diabetics racing with you, I had three :).

BS plan for race:
With Denise's advice I stuck to the plan and I only gave myself 1.00 unit of insulin, if I was high after so be it I could correct but I knew I wouldn't go low.

Plan for race was to have a temp basal (amount of base insulin throughout day) of 50% entire time. I calculated the night before how many carbs I would be eating during the bike only and divided that in half, I would then give myself a 20/80% combo bolus over 3 hours. A bolus is delivery of insulin for food or blood sugar correction and making it combo means its over an extended amount of time. I chose 3 hours because I needed the delivery to finish 30min before my run. Running drops your BS very rapidly for most diabetics and any active insulin on board becomes super strength, your body is 10x more responsive to it. So it's VERY important to stick to the plan and eat everything I counted for. Not just because I'm diabetic but also because I've been taught this season as an athlete fueling properly on the bike helps you on the run. So that was my plan and I promised myself, my RD, my coach and my friends who advised me that no matter what my CGM or meter said I'd stick to the plan and not panic.

I wanted a good race and to me that meant trying to stay on schedule with pacing and most importantly not seeing my BS go all crazy like a yo-yo.

Read the next entry to see how the swim goes...

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