Thursday, June 24, 2010


Formulas. Addition. Subtraction. Planning. Calculating. Ratios. Have I told you that I don't like math? You'd think I was taking a class with that stuff right? Wrong. It's what I have to think about every day when I'm trying to get my blood sugar management under control.

I've been working with a new CDE (certified diabetes educator), I chose her because she is also a sports nutritionist. Definitely a plus and a necessity these days. I decided to revisit this whole process because I feel like I'm not in the best control. I'm swinging between high and low too often. I'm working with my triathlon coach and my training has increased a lot. I'm learning (or at least trying) how to do everything at once:
•train consistently
•train efficiently
•not neglect my friends, family or other social obligations
•learn how to eat so I can fuel my body for the stress I'm putting it under
•learn how to adjust my insulin for each of the 3 disciplines (swim,bike,run)
•learn how to do it all I guess

I have such huge goals for myself the next two years but I won't be able to it right if I can't get my blood sugar management under better control. It really is so very scientific too. Cause and effect. 9 times out of 10 there was a reason for the high or low. Its UNDERSTANDING the why and how of it that will help me better manage. If not I'll continue this vicious physical and emotional yo-yo effect, which can become quite draining.

Do I find it annoying to have to write everything down? You betcha. Will I continue to write everything down? Yup, BECAUSE this is temporary. I don't have to write everything down all the time. I'm working on correcting these swings just as I am training to be able to swim, bike and run whatever distances I have planned for myself.

Practicing, training, logging info and being consistent. All ingredients for becoming a better athlete and understanding my diabetes management. What keeps me going is seeing that perfect BG (blood sugar) after a training session, seeing that my HR (heart rate) IS starting to come down in a run. Its all hard work but when you get to see those moments...well, it just makes it all worth it.


  1. keeping track of all my workouts when I first started training for Ironman was a great help to me. It is a pain but it is definitely worth the effort. Good luck!

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  3. Agreed, keeping track of everything is a good way to learn how this is all affecting your body. I did the same thing when I was training, although not as good as I should have done. Always something to learn, gets old after alwhile, but it's the only way to go! I'm proud of you Jen. Sending you a big hug!! XO

  4. Funny I just read this after I bolused for a super high bg...
    once again inspired by my D sisters!

  5. I hate math, too! :) I need to start writing everything down because I need to really learn the whys behind my body's BGs, too. You've inspired me to do better at that. I enjoyed this post!