Friday, June 18, 2010

Monday's Run = A Hot Mess

On Monday I had to run 42min keeping my HR (heart rate) in a certain zone. Legs were feeling a tad tight when I started. It was HOT, 60% humidity heat index of 84. Sweating my ass off lol. I was thankful for a run/walk ratio of 6:1. While I was running I felt a little weird but chalked it off to the heat. Well I was wrong. When I hit the 21min mark it was time to walk so I did but also stretched - my legs felt REALLY tight. I took a 2min stretch break rather than walk break. Resumed. Felt weird again and was gonna wait til my next break but decided against it and just checked my BG (Blood sugar). Well I was 36. I did a double take and checked it again to make sure it was right and it said I was 37! NOT GOOD (normal BG is between 70-120). Then I started feeling real bad real quick. I shut my insulin pump off. Ate a gel. I was hoping I'd feel better very quickly by doing this.

My friends were passing me on their return trip back and one stopped to walk with me. I was grateful to have someone at that moment. She gave me some jelly belly sports beans and we walked together for about 10min after which I told her to just go ahead I'd meet up with them in a few. I did not think I would pass out so I wanted her to go. I felt bad for holding her back. I couldn't stand still and I couldn't run anymore so I just walked. Slowly. After she left I walked maybe 5 more minutes and wanted to try running but yeah that wasn't good. I only took a few steps before I realized I couldn't run.

So I walked the last 20minutes. When I got to our starting point I was feeling much better. Enough that I thought I could run the last 1/4mile out the park. I felt like I wasn't going to let the betes (diabetes) end my run. So I ran a hard 1/4mile. I felt better in the end for doing it because it was kinda like falling off a horse. If you fall you have to get back on. I HAVE literally fallen off a horse and gotten back on. So today I felt like I did the same thing even though I didn't do the workout in it's entirety. I at least did the first half :) and I finished it with a run. When I left the park my BG was 122...perfect!

I learned a lesson though. I didn't listen to my better judgment and keep my temp basal on (as I should have) and I shouldn't have given myself the minuscule blood sugar correction of .25units when my blood sugar before starting the run was only 178 (I was paranoid about going really high since I was rising). huh lesson learned I guess.

For those that don't know, a temp basal is when you reduce or increase the amount of your basal insulin by a certain %. Basal is the base insulin delivered by your insulin pump delivered approximately every 5 minutes to try and regulate your blood sugar. Its trying to be similar to a working pancreas. A bolus is the insulin you give yourself to correct a high blood sugar or its the insulin you give yourself to cover carbohydrates in a meal.


  1. Yeah, Jen,
    That's rough when you're trying to run with friends and the 'betes won't let you. I hate to say it, but I haven't got it all figured out after many many miles. Just keep your attitude and don't let it discourage you too much.
    Good job!

  2. I hate that, too! When I'm running with others I never want to hold them back. I hate that sometimes the betes gets the better of me. But, I keep on keeping on, just like you. It's frustrating when you're working out because you never want to feel like you're not doing the full workout like everyone else, or like you've quit. (At least I feel that way), but sometimes you just can't help it and it's OK. Good for you for finishing strong, though.