Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Swim Level 2 Class

So I'm into my 2nd week of my swim level 2 technique and endurance class and I absolutely LOVE it!! It is completely different from swim 1 in that I am swimming with other people who already know how to swim and can swim at a good pace. Last week we focused on posture. I only practiced 1 time (yesterday) before we had our new class (today).

This week he had us swim a 200 in race pace (at thispoint we had already swam approx. 600yds)...I was soooooo SLOW!!! My time was 3:51. I felt good for the first 125/150 but the last 50 I felt like a mess! My arms felt like bricks. I was definitely using my legs more to get me through it. I just emailed my coach to find out what the fastest time was for both girl and guy. I want to beat it!! I figure it'll motivate me to get my legs swimming more. After we all did our 200 he had us do 100 to cool off. Then we did kicking drills (my favorite!) I am a strong kicker. This I know. So I volunteered to go first and kicked my legs out BUT I don't think I was the fastest! I could hear my coach yelling "kick harder Davino!" Then you should have seen me...I shot out like a bullet haha. I think I need to go find out who the fastest kicker is and go watch them so I can pick up a few pointers.

So I admit it. I feel like I'm being competitive in this class. I want to get up there with the fastest swimmers! I can't help it. I guess the way everything else is....practice, practice, practice.


  1. sweetie, you are faster than me. :) sounds like you are doing really well. keep at it!