Sunday, December 13, 2009

Winter Firsts

Well this afternoon I did it. I feel like I have officially conquered any issues I've ever had about training in the winter because now I've done it all (ok close to all). Here's the list:

* I'm swimming more than I've ever swam since I was a kid and on the swim team my freshman year of HS
* I've run in the cold
* I've run in the rain
* I've ridden in the cold
* I've done my first ever computrainer

That computrainer class was pretty sweet. I can definitely see how it can be addicting in the winter. I'm definitely going to start keeping track of the results and see if I can make some improvements especially since I really want to shave my time for next years JDRF century. Despite the expense of EVERYTHING, I LOVE all these classes I'm taking to improve in the three sports. If there is one thing I wish college offered it would be classes like these. I'd be begging the teacher for all types of tips and critiques etc. lol Homework and finals would be in on time or even early...unlike now and the dreading of it all:).

Here's my results from the computrainer class:

* It was the Orange County Tri Course
* 23.90 miles
* Avg pace 15.6mph
* Avg WATTS 141
* Finish time: 31:49:92...I think this translates to 1hr and 35min...but I could be wrong

Anyway I have to go now and finish my 3 part art final that's due tomorrow.

Thanks for reading and encouraging me throughout this process!


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