Thursday, July 14, 2011


Will I survive the mass of bodies in Mirror Lake?

Will I make the bike cut off times?

Will my blood sugar cooperate?

Will my fueling plan work the same in training for the race?

Why did I miss those workouts?!

Did I train enough?

I haven't run a marathon. Will the pain I imagine be the same that I actually feel?

Will my now recovered fractured leg hold up?

Why did I feel great training 2 weeks ago and now my legs feel pressurized? Is this just part of the taper?

Will my body hold up?

Did I do everything I could have done to get the result I want?

Will I make the cut off times???!!

I don't want to let anyone down.

I'm scared.

I'm elated.

Can I actually DO this?

Will I cross that finish line?

The time is coming near and the questions are gathering like tumbleweeds in my head. The words I must repeat to myself to try and calm the mental storm, the words that will replay over and over in my head on race day: I WILL do this.


  1. Jen--you've been working on this for years! You're an amazing athlete and there's no doubt in my mind that you CAN do it. Plus I scouted the course for you and the lake is calm, the bike route smooth and the run is scenic--the rest is just details. GOOD LUCK!

  2. OF COURSE YOU CAN AND YOU WILL!! Will be thinking of you girl. You got this.

  3. hi Jenn, this is Exciting! - Enjoy this anticipation. You are well prepared. I'll be thinking about you on the 24th.-Laura

  4. I love that you posted all those fear thoughts so you could see them for what they were...mere thoughts. Congratulations!

  5. You made me remember about my 500m race with friends some time ago. I could not win the race but stood second. Thanks as much to the exercise as to my Diet, cutting extensively on calories with Natvia's Sweetener products. provides more details.

  6. Wow! Cuz reading this was heartwarming and inspirational. You are a strong women and I applaud you and all the hard work and effort you put in to staying healthy. It must have been hard but you pulled through. You should be very proud of yourself. Many, many blessings to any future endeavors you have along your journey to living well. God bless you always.. . .My dream was always to run a marathon one day. You might have inspired me to not give up on that. Someday... :).......Vee