Monday, October 18, 2010

Ride to Cure

When I was a child during the summer months you could find me either swimming in the pool until I turned all wrinkly and the sun had gone down or riding my bike all over the neighborhood until I found my way back home hours later. Life was easy then and I had such fun! That was years before being diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic. Over time I had forgotten how much I loved swimming and riding my bike, "why did I ever stop”? Now, after living 15 years with diabetes I have gone back to those fun times thanks to JDRF. I am swimming again and have a new found love for triathlon and on my weekends you’ll find me riding my bike for hours on end. Just like when I was a child. JDRF helped me remember and ultimately has helped me take control of a disease that is with me 24hrs a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. There is no break. Ever. It’s not fun especially in the beginning when first diagnosed. Even after 15years it’s still hard. Stressful. Fear of the unknown future and possible diabetic complications. Always questioning myself if I'm doing the right thing with managing this disease. When I think I AM doing the right thing and the numbers don't come out right and everything is crazy…pure frustration, anger and sometimes depression are what ensue. Judgment from strangers, friends and family (whether they realize it or not) with their "helpful comments and suggestions". Judging what I eat, how I take my medicine, how many times I have to go see my doctors. The stress of making sure I have health insurance to cover the insulin my pancreas won't produce so I can LIVE. I need my blood sugar meter. I need my insulin. Without it there is no me.

The JDRF Ride to Cure program brought me back to my childhood fun by getting me to want to be active. By getting me to swim again. By getting me back on my bike. They are also researching ways to make my life along with millions of other diabetic lives easier through new technology and one day a cure. This will be my 5th year riding for them and raising funds. I'm asking for a donation that will help me in achieving my goal of $4,000.00 for this year’s 109 mile ride which will be taking place in Tucson, AZ on November 20, 2010. All donations are tax deductible! I have attached the link for you to make donations by credit card.

I didn't choose to have this disease. However I AM choosing how the "betes" and I spend our 24hrs, 7 days a week and 365 days a year together. Follow me through my blog Remember YOUR childhood fun. Go back to it. Ride with me. Help me help JDRF. Your continued support of donations in any amount, your words of encouragement...they are invaluable. My thanks to you always.


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