Thursday, September 30, 2010

Toughman: Pre-Race

I decided to write each leg this way by reading one of my Brooklyn Tri teammates thanks for the idea Shaun!

Pre Race - Saturday:
I woke up early and went with a friend for a 45min ride just to make sure Violet (my bike) was feeling ok, then I ran for 15 minutes to see how the legs felt - all was good :). I drove up with two of my Brooklyn tri teammates later that morning to Croton Point Park where the race was being held so we could check in. I was feeling good, plus I was able to get some A.R.T. (Active release therapy) work done on my foot and shoulder to make sure I was loose. Oh how I LOVE that stuff felt a TON better. Leaving the parking lot I saw a dog that looked just like my Val I almost didn't stop to pet it but I'm glad I did. Reminded me of her and made me feel good.

Later that night as Denise, Mark and I were packing our bags for race day I jumped up and said "oh my god I don't remember packing my helmet!" I knew I didn't leave it with my bike earlier that day but I couldn't remember the action of putting it in or seeing it in the car! I started to hyperventilate therefore making myself light headed. I was FREAKING out! All I was thinking (in my head) was "oh my god, great, after all this training, after the countless tweets and facebook statuses and well wishes from everyone I'm gonna come back and say "yeah I forgot my helmet", oh lord. You can't race without a helmet! Denise, thank god for her (she's been my saving grace this season) she told me to calm down, we could go get one at walmart. I tried calling my friends who I drove up with but I couldn't reach them.

I was trying to calm down so I said "at least I remembered my meter", then Denise says "well that's great but you can race without your meter, you can't race without a helmet!" Gee thanks Denise, I feel much more calm now less than 10hours before the race and no sign of my helmet. So off we go 9:00pm at night day before the race to the shopping center and there are both a Kmart AND a Modell's.  We decided in the car that I would have to get the funniest helmet possible. Mind you I'm still freaking out (in my head), I just want get there! As soon as we get into Modell's my friends called to tell me that...I DID have my helmet I just forgot it in the car :). I asked them 3 times "you're SURE you saw it in there? Because we're here now and I can get a helmet"; mind you I had a lavender colored, child size helmet in my hand with smiley faces and pink flowers. No need to buy it! Ten pounds off the shoulders and about 3oz on my head (I think), I'll take it!

We were in bed by 11pm (late...yes I know), I was dead to the world before my head hit the pillow.

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