Thursday, June 25, 2009


So it's 2 days before my race, I'm gonna pack my bag tomorrow rather than tonight. I'm excited and still nervous. But it's here and I am ready to be in the moment. I did my first BRICK today and realized that I will for sure be having to do more of those this summer before my next race.

I'm going to confess a secret...I would love to finish my race in 2 hours. That is my hope but no matter what the ultimate goal is to just finish. And that I will do. The thing I keep thinking about is that despite how very slow I am in my running, 2 1/2 months ago I could only run 3 min and now I'm going to run 3.1 miles. So I've made some progress and the whole race itself will be a great learning experience. I'm pretty sure I'll cry when I cross the finish'll be tears with a smile :).

On to my header...I was able to meet 7 of my fellow triabetic teammates including the founder last night. All of these people are amazing. I feel so happy to be a part of this group and just like I knew after riding for JDRF that I would continue each year to raise funds and ride 100 miles; I know that I will forever be involved with Triabetes. I'm so inspired by all of them. I wish my job could be to train or go around meeting people and getting them involved in exercising, or thinking positive on their diabetes. Because really, diabetes is what has transformed my life for the better. I feel so happy about all the things I am doing, the friendships I am creating, the places I am visiting and best of all the wonderful memories I will be able to have and share.

Denise is one of the captains who I met last night. I just finished reading her blog and all I want to do is give her a big hug. She's a little nervous that once she completes her Ironman in AZ this November (I think this might be her 4th) all the captains will disperse and not stay in touch. I don't agree with this and I haven't even met them! lol I just feel like anyone who is active, wants to be active and learn more will continue to stay with Triabetes. Unconsciously or not, people are drawn to positive energy. People are drawn to feeling like they are part of a team or group - we are pack animals. This is now one of my packs. Don't worry Denise, Triabetes will stick around and you and I can get this east coast region talking about Triabetes and meeting up for training or races.

Well kids, I'm gonna hit the sack (I wonder where that line comes from), have an awesome night and I'll check back in with you tomorrow night before my race.


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