Thursday, December 2, 2010

Doc said...

I have a stress fracture. As soon as he said it I burst into tears. He said I needed to take 6 weeks off. I could do no activities that required my legs such as biking, running and even swimming! However, I did negotiate with him to let me swim so long as I used  a pull buoy.  He said I needed a "forced rest" and as soon as I took a break I would notice the difference in my leg, that it would feel better. After crying and being depressed for a day I recognized the fact that this is the best time for something like this to happen (off season), that I could still swim and work on my stroke which is my weak point in swimming. So it's been 3 weeks and I've been resting and swimming with a pull buoy. I've started doing my core work again. Now I'm down to 19 days before I see the doc again and I'm hoping he gives me a Christmas gift of letting me ride my bike. Oh yeah and guess what? He was leg DOES feel better. Sometimes they really do know what they're talking about ;).

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  1. I'm no doctor but I bet the swimming will be all good... Stay strong Jen, it'll all be alright!