Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Noah's Ride

On Sunday I did a charity bike ride to benefit JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation). The max distance was 37 miles but you could ride as little as 5 miles. I went with a few teammates as well as my former JDRF coach Lewis who happens to be a bike racer for Deno's Wonder Wheel; Lewis also brought his teammate John along for the ride. The day turned out to be fantastic! There were rolling hills, lots of horse farms (I LOVE horses), sunshine and great company, to top it all off there was lots of speed (another thing I LOVE).

There were a couple of challenging hills and one super fast downhill (I reached a max of 43mph). That ride was a turning point for me, wanna know why???!!!! I pacelined for the first time ever!!! For those of you that don't know, pacelining is when you draft or follow right behind the person in front of you. Your front wheel is just a few inches from their back wheel. The benefit of pacelining is that the front person sets an agreed pace for the other riders in the line, they also break the wind therefore making it much easier for everyone else to go faster without expending much energy.

So? Can you see WHY I loved that ride so much??!!! The last 13 miles of the ride I was pacelining, we were going like 22mph! On average I ride 13/14mph, with flats and downhills I can pull 15/16mph but to be able to ride 22mph for that length of time. My god the thrill! The rush of adrenaline! I love speed. It was so freaking cool. I felt like a kid, I felt like (what I imagine to be) a bike racer. I felt inspired to better my riding skills. After the ride was over Lewis came over to me and told me it was some of the best riding I've done, he gave me a high five and said good job. I felt like a puppy wagging my tail who got the pat on the head. So few with his words yet so rewarding when he gives them. That's Lewis.

The ride reminded me of my first century. It's those first moments that you can never forget. The turning points.

I'd like to give a special thank you to Aly, Lewis, John, Lianna, Mike and Lindsay for inviting me, for riding with me and for teaching me. Of course we couldn't have done the ride without Tom and Nancy (the hosts) - thank you for what you do in order to raise money so we can cure diabetes.

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