Saturday, April 24, 2010

Night before my 1/2

You'd think I'd be in bed by now right? Well since it's only 8:30
I figure I still have a little time before I need to hit the sack. The weather has been great all week and guess what the forecast calls for tomorrow? Yeah exactly - rain :(. I Hope it happens in the later part of the day and not in the morning, that would be ideal! But hey, I rode 100 miles in the rain this past fall I figure I can get through running in the rain for 13 miles :). I did buy a light rain/wind jacket though so I'm prepared.

I am excited and nervous. I thought I was going to run this week but I just wasn't feeling up to it and time got away from me with everything else going on. I was tired. I did go swim 2 days though so that's good; and I got a sports leg massage on Wednesday to loosen me up so that was very, very good. Going again tomorrow afternoon after the race. It'll feel so good although I'm sure I'll be sore.

I'm a little shocked actually that I'm doing this race, it feels kinda surreal. You don't understand how much I dread going running - it's my least favorite of the three sports. It is so hard that's why. But I think I'm getting better and get this yesterday on my way to the grocery store it was so nice out that I actually THOUGHT about going for a run. I'm serious I said "tonight would be a nice night for a run" - as my sister said to me the other night "what's going on with you?" haha Maybe I'll start enjoying running after all. We'll see. There is a certain sense of satisfaction you get from a run (at least I do) BECAUSE it's so physically hard. It's like "wow I did it".

So my game plan for tomorrow:

Have a run/walk ratio of 5:1

Do my best to avoid a low blood sugar during the race

I'd love to finish at 3hrs or less but I think it'll take me 3hours

If for some reason it doesn't look like I'll get there in time for 3hrs then 3:15 is 2nd best

Finish with a smile on my face!

Ok good night!

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