Sunday, August 7, 2011

What now?

Two weeks ago today I was racing my first Ironman in Lake Placid, but now that it's over what happens now? I've heard and read about "post Ironman blues" but I'm pretty sure I don't have it. I mean how could I possibly be "blue" when I'm still riding the high of my race? Yes, I am STILL wearing my athlete wristband despite my number rubbing off. However, the words IRONMAN still display prominently. I'll take it off today since I feel 2 weeks is long enough (well not really but...). Back to my original question, what happens now? What have I been doing in these last 2 weeks?

Remembering that day...and smiling...a lot :)
Watching movies
Eating lots of popcorn (with extra butter in the middle AND on top)
Staying up late
Sleeping late
Catching up with friends/family
Reflecting on what I did and how I can change things to improve for the next race
Planning for next years races
Thinking about my next IM and where I'll do it

The list can go on and on but I think the last half are what's helping me to not get the dreaded "Ironman blues". I've got other stuff to look forward to. To be quite honest I knew before I raced LP that I'd be doing another. I love going long and I love training. Two key ingredients in the Ironman recipe.

My coach told me he wouldn't give me a schedule for 2 weeks after the race. Normally he'll give his athletes a month off, they can do whatever they want. One week after Ironman I emailed him begging for a schedule. I felt like a drug addict begging for a fix. I had to wait another week. I swam one time in the last two weeks. That's it. I feel like a fat bastard. I need some structure in my life! Left to my own devices I WILL do nothing and the further away I get from training daily the harder it is to get back in the groove.

I have two events planned within the next two months then I'm done until next year.

  1. September 25 my 1st trail race (10miles) in Mohonk Preserve.
  2. October 15th my annual JDRF 100 mile charity ride in Death Valley CA (stay tuned for my donation letter/email/video). I'm SO excited for this event!!!! Taking part in these rides is SPECTACULAR!!
I'm looking forward to the next few months of learning how to trail run and also building on my bike base. Oh how I love to ride!

Happy training and reading folks!

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